Learn to Live Independently

Learn to Live Independently



We empower persons with disabilities to effectively control and direct their lives. The Achieving Independence and Mobility Center for Independent Living provides leadership through training, community development and advocacy to enable persons with disabilities to fully participate in family, social and community life.

Vision and hearing loss resources.

Vision & Hearing Loss


If you have impaired vision or suffer from hearing loss, we can help you learn the skills needed to maintain your independent lifestyle. We can refer you to additional services such as community orientation, mobility training and guide dog services.

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Jump back into your life!

Community Reintegration

Community Reintegration


The Community Reintegration Program provides transition assistance to persons with disabilities that are between the ages of 18-59 and reside in a nursing facility to locate and secure affordable, accessible housing in the community.

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What is AIM-CIL?

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AIM-CIL is one of 22 Centers for Independent Living in the state of Illinois, which provides “independent living” access through all aspects of society. AIM-CIL is a non-profit consumer controlled and consumer driven organization, which provides access through four-core independent living programs and services in the areas of: 

  • Advocacy
  • Independent Living Skills Training
  • Information and Referral
  • Peer Mentoring and Counseling

What is a Center for Independent Living?

Centers for Independent Living serve people with disabilities. Centers for Independent Living are community-based, not-for-profit, non-residential organizations that serve people of any age with any type of disability. People with disabilities (consumers) control Centers for Independent Living. This control is maintained through various means such as:

  • People with disabilities constitute at least 51% of the Board of Directors
  • At least 51% of all staff are people with disabilities

Centers for Independent Living provide a wide variety of services to people with disabilities. Many of the services fill gaps left by government and traditional medical models.

Centers for Independent Living provide:


What Impact do Centers Have in Illinois?

  • Centers for Independent Living have kept people with disabilities out of institutions saving the state hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • Centers for Independent Living have changed the status of many people with disabilities from unemployed to employed.
  • Centers for Independent Living have helped people with disabilities achieve or maintain self-sufficiency and productive lives in their communities.
  • Centers for Independent Living have made communities more physically and attitudinally accessible for people with disabilities.

Achieving Independence and Mobility Center for Independent Living