Featured Story: Mark

After being in a nursing home for more than 20 years due to a diving accident that resulted in his quadrapalegia, Mark was introduced to AIM-Center staff while they were visiting the nursing home he resided in. While meeting with our staff and learning about the Money Follows the Person Program, Mark was excited at the possibility of moving back into the community so he could enjoy his independence once again.

Once Mark learned about the criteria, he was excited to become a part of the program and was well on his way to community based living. On December 19th, 2013, Mark moved out of a nursing home and into his own apartment in Naperville Illinois. Since transitioning back into the community Mark is able to take Pace Paratransit & get around his community with ease. Mark enjoys the freedom of going outside every chance he can and in Mark’s own works he is “getting his tan on man.” The good part for Mark living on his own, he is able to fully participate in daily activities of community living on his own terms and no longer has to succumb to the rules, regulations and time schedules of the nursing home environment.