What is a Personal Assistant?

A Personal Assistant (or PA) provides services to persons with disabilities who need assistance in personal care and activities of daily living in order to live independently. Having a Personal Assistant can help the individual avoid having to live in institutions or nursing homes or having to rely on family members for their personal care. Consumers are matched with individuals who want to work as personal assistants. The consumer is responsible for hiring, paying, and managing their own personal assistant services.

We can assist you in identifying funding for your PA’s wages. Training in managing personal assistants is also available upon request and provided individually and in groups.

Personal Assistant Registry

If you are interested in becoming a PA:

  • The first step is to fill out an application, at which time the PA coordinator will request a copy of your ID and social security card
  • You will then be scheduled to attend a one hour orientation session at AIM Center for Independent Living
  • After you attend an orientation, you will be placed on the PA referral list
  • When a consumer is looking for a PA and your availability and location is a match, your information will be sent out
  • The consumer chooses who to call and who to interview
  • Once you are on the PA list, please contact the PA coordinator at least once per quarter to update your contact information and availability.

These services are funded by the Department of Human Services, Office of Rehabilitation Services, and Home Services Program.

Download Personal Assistant Application