The Youth Services program is geared to serve Children ages 0 to 22. The Program strives to empower young people with disabilities to live independently in our community by providing systems advocacy for improving educational opportunities, transition assistance to adult living and coordinating independent living services for youth with disabilities and their families.

Specific Activities of the Program Include:

  • Serving as a resource person and specialist with regard to issues on educational rights of children with disabilities
    • Providing information and referrals to consumers and their parents
    • Provide information on educational rights of children, IDEA, and inclusion to children, their families, and the community
    • Providing one on one or group orientation to independent living for consumers requesting services
  • Provide systems advocacy and serve as a resource to improve educational options for young adults with disabilities
    • Attending IEP meetings as requested by parents of children with disabilities.
    • Attend community forums/meetings to gain information that will benefit young adults with disabilities.
    • Provide technical assistance to parents and school personnel as requested
    • Give presentations in high school classrooms to share program resources.
  • Provide social opportunities for Youth with disabilities
    • Organize social activities for Youth to develop peer relationships
    • Organize field trips from high schools to the Center to build awareness of our programs and services