The following is a list of helpful disability related websites.

Ability Forum
A complete online community resource center where people with disabilities overcome barriers through the power of technology.

Access-Able Travel Source, LLC
An information service to people with special needs. Over 5,000 records in our worldwide data base listing actual access for accommodations, transportation – public & private, and just plain fun stuff.

Accredited Online Colleges
General information and resources for anyone looking to further their education.  Gives both online and offline educational paths to obtain a degree.

ADA Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities
The Access Board develops accessibility requirements for the built environment, transit vehicles, telecommunications equipment, and for electronic and information technology. Laws, standards, and enforcement information are included on this website.

American Association of Persons with Disabilities
AAPD is the largest nonprofit, nonpartisan, cross-disability organization in the United States. Their goals are unity, leadership and impact. Anyone can be a member of AAPD – persons with a disability, their family, friends and supporters.

Americans Disabled for Attendant Programs Today (ADAPT)
ADAPT is a national, activist organization with a long history of organizing in the disability community. ADAPT uses civil disobedience and similar non-violent direct action tactics to achieve its goals: accessible public transit, passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act, attendant services, and services in the community instead of in institutions and nursing homes.

Association of Late-Deafened Adults
Adults ALDA supports, educates, and advocates on behalf of people who grew up with intact hearing and became deaf as adults.

Autism Support Group
The group would serve as a hub for people and family dealing with Autism who would want to share their experiences and knowledge, ask questions and be around people who are facing the same health challenges. The online groups complement the ‘regular’ groups and help those who are unable to attend an offline group.

Bazelon Organization
Legal advocacy for the civil rights and human dignity of persons with mental disability.

Captioned Media Program
Catalog of free loan captioned video and DVD.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Data on health and disabilities.

Centers for Independent Living – national listing
Website lists Centers for Independent Living across the United States and the world. Includes articles about IL philosophy and the history of Independent Living Centers.

Chicago Lighthouse for the Blind
The Lighthouse website includes valuable information about resources for persons who are blind or have low vision. Includes facts about vision loss and eye conditions, eye care, living with vision impairment, age-related changes in the eye, adaptive computer technology, and more. Includes pictures of what the world looks like to persons with various vision impairments.

Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorders
A national organization that provides support and information relating to attention deficit disorders. Excellent site for support services.

Coalition of Citizens with Disabilities in Illinois
Information about membership, chapters around the state, legislative platform, legislative updates, the Catalyst newsletter, and more.

Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities
A coalition of national disability organizations working together to advocate for national public policy that ensures independence, empowerment, integration and inclusion of children and adults with disabilities. Excellent site for current legislative activities related to disabilities.

Council for Disability Rights
Practical self-advocacy information for persons with disabilities, along with state and national news affecting the disability community.

Deaf Aztlan: Latino Network
This website for the Deaf Latino community includes a list of ASL/Spanish/English interpreters (including one in Chicago!), Deaf Latino mailing lists, businesses, organizations, and programs.

People and community pages include chat online, e-mail directory, events, deaf kids, black deaf, gay deaf, deaf blind, oral deaf, chat online, event listings, and more. Also includes information and resources, shopping, and an ASL font.

Department of Justice Home Page
Americans with Disabilities Act information and technical assistance line. Updated weekly.

disABILITY Information and Resources
Very comprehensive list of disability-related links.

Disability Bible
An online encyclopedia for the disabilities community and movement.

Disability Resources Monthly – Guide to Disability Resources on the Internet
A wonderfully well-organized site for finding the disability-related information you are looking for on the Web. We highly recommend this site as a starting place.

Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund Inc.
DREDF is a national law and policy center dedicated to protecting and advancing the civil rights of people with disabilities through legislation, litigation, advocacy, technical assistance, and education and training of attorneys, advocates, persons with disabilities, and parents of children with disabilities. Site has updates on legal cases and many publications for order on disability rights, Americans with Disabilities Act and r elated issues.

Disability Rights in the Workplace
Know your rights as an employee or job applicant with a disability.

non-profit organization that provides computer training and job readiness services to persons with physical, visual, and limited learning disabilities.

e-Buddies is the newest program of Best Buddies International, a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of people with developmental disabilities through one-to-one friendships and integrated employment.

Equip for Equality
This federally mandated Protection & Advocacy System in q Illinois safeguards the rights of children and adults with physical and mental disabilities, including developmental disabilities and mental illnesses.

Family Village
User-friendly website provides resources on mental retardation and other disabilities, and links to disability related discussion groups and websites.

Foundation Fighting Blindness
The urgent mission of the Foundation Fighting Blindness, Inc. is to drive the research that will provide preventions, treatments and cures for people affected by retinitis pigmentosa (RP), macular degeneration, Usher syndrome, and the entire spectrum of retinal degenerative diseases.

Great Lakes ADA Center
Provides technical assistance and training to businesses and people with disabilities regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA).

Offer free wheelchair ramp plans and resources, information on accessible homes for sale and general tips for fitting/making residences accessible.

Within the Handi-Ramp website there is a directory (by state) that gives a list of charitable organizations that assist persons with disabilities to get accessible ramps built :

Health Alliance House Calls Newsletter
House Calls newsletter is for Medicare Advantage members & includes health and wellness tips, healthy recipes and even spotlights members.

Health Benefits for Workers with Disabilities
Resource to allow persons with disabilities to work and not have to choose between working and their health care benefits.

History of Disability in America: “EveryBody: An Artifact History of Disability in America”
A new online exhibit by the Smithsonian National Museum of American History.  The compilation of photographs of people and objects in this exhibit explore themes of identity, stereotypes, laws, legislation, home and daily life.  The exhibit offers well described photos and accompanying text to make it an interesting visit for all. This online exhibit is accessible with screen-reading software and has the capability of enlarging photos for easier viewing.

Illinois Assistive Technology Project
IATP helps you find the right technology that lets you learn, work and play with greater independence. They offer assistive device information, demonstration and loan and a used equipment website.

Illinois Deaf and Hard of Hearing Commission (IDHHC)
Learn about the Illinois Interpreter Licensure Act, Hearing Aid Resources, and learn about what IDHHC does to help persons who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing.

Illinois Department of Human Services
Info about the Department of Human Services, including updates on Olmstead and Lincoln Developmental Center. Find out about DHS’ new low interest loans for assistive technology for persons with disabilities.

Illinois Department on Aging
Info about the Department on Aging, in-home care, access and social services, elder rights, public awareness, demographics, a directory of agencies and organizations serving seniors, and more.

Illinois Network of Centers for Independent Living
Information about INCIL and about all of the Centers for Independent Living in Illinois. Contains links to all of the Illinois CILs that have home pages.

Illinois Relay “711″ Website
Explains how to make and receive telephone calls using the Relay service.

Illinois State Board of Education
Info about special education, early childhood services, the No Child Left Behind Act, Administrative Rules, and more.

Illinois State Board of Elections
On-Line Voter Registration Form

Illinois Telecommunications Access Corporation (ITAC)
Explains the Illinois Relay Service and free TTY Loan Program for citizens of Illinois who are deaf, hard-of-hearing, deaf-blind or speech-impaired. Includes eligibility requirements and how to apply.

Institute on Independent Living
The Institute serves self-help organizations of disabled people who work for equal opportunities, self-determination and self-respect. Offers training materials, technical assistance and information on personal assistance, advocacy, access, legislation and peer support.

Leadership Council on Civil Rights
An online social justice network. Find out about the latest policy developments in top civil rights issues. Tools for getting involved.


a guide to help businesses make themselves more accessible for all, both in-person and online.

Mid-Illinois Talking Book Center
Free library service for anyone whose low vision, blindness, or physical limitation makes it difficult to read.  Offering Digital Talking Books from Dr. Seuss and Dr. Phil, Bestsellers to Biographies.

Mind Freedom
The Support Coalition International unites more than 100 grassroots organizations of psychiatric survivors. The description “psychiatric survivors” is used by individuals who identify themselves as having experienced human rights violations in the mental health system. This website about the psychiatric survivors’ liberation movement, information, and advocacy campaigns.

Motion Picture Access
For more information on the WGBH’s Motion Picture Access (MoPix) efforts.

MOUTH Magazine
An irreverent disability magazine with attitude! Includes a catalog of cool posters, t-shirts, books, and videos.

National Association of the Deaf
Website of the National Association of the Deaf.

National Council on Disability
NCD is an independent federal agency making recommendations to the President and Congress on disability policies, programs, practices, and procedures that guarantee equal opportunity for all individuals with disabilities. Website includes NCD reports.

National Council on Independent Living
NCIL is the oldest cross disability, grassroots organization run by and for people with disabilities. Website includes updates on national disability rights hot topics and legislation.

National Debt Relief
financial recovery resources for people with disabilities

National Disabled Students Union
A national, cross-disability, student organization. It recognizes all disabled people – those with traditionally recognized disabilities and those who have often been left out of the movement.

National Federation of the Blind
The NFB is a consumer and advocacy organization of persons who are blind. Website provides information and referral services, publications about blindness, assistive devices, advocacy.

National Organization on Disability
The National Organization on Disability promotes the full and equal participation and contribution of America’s 54 million men, women and children with disabilities in all aspects of life.

Not Dead Yet
Not Dead Yet opposes the assisted suicide and euthanasia movement, which advocates a deadly double standard for people with severe disabilities (terminal and non-terminal). People already have the right to refuse unwanted treatment, and suicide is not illegal. What we oppose is a public policy that singles out individuals for legalized killing based on their health status. In these days of cost cutting and managed care, we don’t trust the health care system, and neither should you.

Internet navigation for individuals with low vision or blindness.

Online Schools Guide
Directory of all college programs that a person can participate in online.  The database is updated annually.

Ragged Edge Magazine
Ragged Edge and its website include articles about society’s “ragged edge” issues: medical rationing, genetic discrimination, assisted suicide, long-term care, attendant services. They cover the disability experience in America — what it means to be a crip living at the start of the 21st century.

Self Help for Hard of Hearing People
Information about hearing loss from the SHHH national office. Has a bookstore catalog.

Simmons Hanley Conroy

Law firm specializing in Mesothelioma and caregivers for patients

SOAR: Special Opportunities Available in Recreation
Providing leisure opportunities for individuals with special needs sponsored by the Bloomington & Normal Parks and Recreation Departments.

Social Security Disability Applicants – Facts about disabilities
Includes a disability workbook for Social Security applicants, FAQs about Social Security Disability, special-issue booklets about disability benefits, and much more.

Social Security Online
More info about Social Security disability programs.

We provide racing wheelchairs, rugby wheelchairs and all sorts of independent living resources including catheters and other urological supplies.

Statewide Independent Living Council of Illinois
Site includes info about SILC, the State Plan for Independent Living, Olmstead, SILC position papers, info about CILs in Illinois, and more.

The Special Ed Advocate
Provides parents and helping professionals with the information they need to be effective advocates for children with disabilities. This site contains current articles, cases, and links related to special education. Updated weekly.


Travel Accessibility and Tips for Travelers with Disabilities


Usher Syndrome Coalition
The Usher Syndrome Coalition’s mission is to raise awareness and accelerate research for the most common cause of combined deafness and blindness. The Coalition also provides information and support to individuals and families affected by Usher syndrome.

We Connect Now
Developed to connect and integrate college students with disabilities as a virtual community with a voice on important issues.

The Whitehouse
Accessible federal government web site.

Find wheelchair accessible hotels.